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24. Februar 2007


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Tina Kennard

„you = Tina Kennard.

Back in the day, before she and Bette tried to have kids, Tina was a development exec at a (fictional) studio called Alphaville. Tina’s always been the caring, not-so-selfish, fun loving, maternal type.

She’s the softer side of Bette, one might say. Quite literally, her better half.

You, apparently, are much the same way. Your friends come to you for advice (although not as often as they would ask the Alice or Shane in your group), they come to you for a cuddle, they come to you if they’re sick or in need of a shoulder to lean on. You’re a rock, and you have massive amounts of untapped strength inside; you won’t even realize how much until you have to pull from it.
You’re loving, trusting, open, and flexible as hell (mentally, you pervert). Even though you’re all of these things and more, you don’t let people push you around. You maintain your spine through all the people who may try to break it. Be careful though, as your stubborness and inherent independence can cause problems in various situations.“

– Sagt mir: Which L word Character Do You Most Resemble

Ich will nicht die doofe Tina sein. *quengel*

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