Let’s get married in LA

Advocate Interview mit vielen US-Promis bezüglich der Entscheidung des California Supreme Courts, dass Homoehen nun auch in Kalifornien legal sind. (Yay!)

Die großartige Melissa Etheridge dazu:

Most important, what do you think this means for your kids?
You know that’s the thing. I was just talking to someone about this, and I get all choked up about this because I think that the part that people who don’t really understand this issue don’t realize is that we are people with jobs and families. We have kids. And there have been years and years of explaining to them. I remember when it was on Schwarzenegger’s desk and we were like „Oh, if he signs it, we may be able to get married.“ And then he vetoed it, and we were like, „Oh, mean governor!“ So they have gone through this with us, and I can’t wait to pick them up from school today and say, „Hey, your parents are just as married as anybody else’s.“ That’s a big thing. It’s going to be a good day.

Ich freu mich. 🙂