Zitat des Tages: LotRO und die Questgeber

Heute bei der Lektüre von The Escapist: Shamus plays LotRO laut gelacht:

Have you noticed how all these NPCs have rings over their heads? No? What are you, blind? Oh. You were being sarcastic? Okay then.

Anyway, instead of the standard MMOG exclamation mark this game uses a flaming ring as the symbol for „This bloke has a quest for you, why don’t you chat him up?“ Not just any ring, but the icon is obviously The One Ring. The single most evil object in the history of the entire world. This is like using a pentagram containing a flaming swastika made of horned skulls as the universal symbol for „help wanted.“

Wo er Recht hat, hat er Recht … :mrgreen: