Hitlerjunge Jaqueline

Ich habe gerade gelernt, dass Nazis keine Freunde des Cross-Dressings waren:

„The ideal scenario – from the point of view of the regulators – was one in which a person’s social status, social role and other indicators of identity in the world could be read without ambiguity or uncertainty. The threat to legibility was „confusion“: When as men of inferior degree and calling, cannot be by their attire discerned from men of higher estate.“ (William Perkins, Cases of Conscience (1608)) (This was also the intent of what might be called the Nazi dress code, which required male homosexuals to wear pink triangles and Jews to wear armbands marked with yellow stars of David. […]”

(Garber, Marjorie. Vested Interests. Cross-Dressing & Cultural Anxiety. New York / London: Routledge, 1992.)

Dabei müssen die doch gedacht haben, das hiesse „Kreuz tragen“.