Star Wars meets Barbie

Geeky Mom schrob:

Mr. Geeky and I went Christmas shopping today. Though we have indulged Geeky Girl’s propensity for pink and purple, we generally try to interest her in things that are not gender specific. Two days ago, Geeky Girl and I were home alone and I was making cookies. I asked if she wanted to help (Geeky Boy would have helped too if he’d been there). She said yes, but then she never showed up. I cut out all the cookies and baked them and had a pile of cookies to decorate. I harched upstairs to ask her if she wanted to decorate. This time she came down immediately. I asked her what had kept her occupied for the last hour.

„Barbies,“ she said.
„Oh really,“ I said. „What were you doing with them?“
„Playing Star Wars.“
„I see.“ Geeky Girl has a slight obsession with Star Wars.
„Only, I don’t have enough boy Barbies to play right.“
„Oh really?“
„Yeah, I just have one and that’s not enough.“

Das hätte ich sein können. Naja, davon abgesehen, dass ich kein großer Star Wars Fan bin… Aber ich hatte tolle He-Man Figuren. <3