Passend zu Halloween hat die Tante mal wieder eine kleine Buffyorgie gehabt – 13 Episoden in zwei Tagen und trotzdem nebenbei noch andere Dinge, wichtige Dinge getan. Keine schlechte Leistung, finde ich.

Buffy ist ja bekanntermaßen eine großartige Serie… ein Quell an lustigen Dialogen. Und tollen Charakteren. <3

Riley: What can you tell me about Dracula?
Spike: Dracula? Poncy bugger owes me £11, for one thing.

Anya: Humans make the same mistakes over and over. I saw it when I was a vengeance demon. Some guy dumps a girl, she calls me, I exact vengeance, blah blah blah, the next year, same girl, different guy. I mean, after you smite a few of ‚em you start going, „My goodness, young lady… maybe you’re doing something wrong here too.“

Olaf the Troll: You do well to flee, townspeople! I will pillage your lands and dwellings! I will burn your crops and make merry sport with your more attractive daughters! Ha ha ha! Mark my words!

Anya: I don’t like the sound of this. They don’t sound very ex-demon compatible.
Tara: Are you sure they’re English? I thought English people were, um, gentler than uh… normal people.

Und natürlich

Buffy: Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition. Birthdays without boyfriends. It could be just as much fun!
Willow: Preaching to the choir here, baby.