Von Rechtschreibung und Homophobie

Ja, in Diskussionen auf Rechtschreibprobleme hinweisen ist doof, aber hier musste ich doch sehr lachen:

What IS it about the ubiquitous inverse relationship between gay-hating and spelling ability?

Do homophobes’ brains begin to short wire around age 7 or so when they are being taught basic grammar norms and spelling rules? Is it because the only piece of literature they’ve ever read is the Bible? (see my previous comments) Or is it that they are so overwhelmed by the conflicting feelings of sexual confusion and irrational hatred that their hands start to shake uncontrollably and they forget how to type?

(Kommentar auf Autostraddle: Surprise! White Democrats With Kids Are Responsible for Passing Prop 8! – Kursivierung von mir. hihi. Zitterhände.)