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6. Mai 2009

Zitat des Tages: pee pee dance

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Britney’s #1 fan who was able to get past security and hop up on stage has posted the most amazing gif EVER, on his myspace page. It features a great shot of him getting onstage and scaring the holy hell out of Britney who looks like she is doing the pee pee dance with jazz hands while backing up to get away from him. For almost a second it looks like she’s about to go all Karate Kid „flying crane“ on him – but no, it’s more pee pee dance than anything.

Chubby Jones

hihi. pee pee dance with jazz hands. hihi.

18. Februar 2007

Britney Spears trägt Glatze

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Nicht schlecht, junge Dame, nicht schlecht.

13. April 2005

verkehrte welt

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Britney Spears ist schwanger, aber nicht von mir. Plöde Kuh.

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