marry the night

Adam Lambert, ne. Meine Herren. Wenn er jetzt bitte mit Chris Colfer rummachen würde oder so? Kthxbye.

bedazzled & flamboyant

The gays set the tone of the 2010 Grammys last night, when Lady Gaga, after being dumped into an incinerator for her “mind-controlling” performance of “Poker Face,” reemerged with the most fabulous pop princess of them all, Sir Elton John, for a duet so bedazzled and flamboyant, it brought Saturday drag nights to the center stage. Their pianos were conjoined, their faces were smudged with charcoal, and I nearly peed myself as they sang “Speechless” and “Your Song.” Perhaps her vast popularity with the gays extended to the Grammy nominating committee and scored her the first two awards of her career.

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